Our courses

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The Russian Centre of the University of Granada offers courses of Russian as a Foreign Language for all levels.

Why study with us?

"Aula 1. Centro Ruso"

  • Our Teachers possess post-graduate degrees in Philology and have wide experience in teaching adults.

  • Our Teachers are native speakers with excellent command of oral and written Russian, broad and deep knowledge of the language.

  • We offer good prices and flexible payment options.

  • There are special discounts for UGR students and staff, for seniors and large family members.

  • University students may get 6 ECTS once graduating our 60-hour course.

  • We also offer an opportunity to receive an international certificate at the applicant’s respective level of Russian as a Foreign Language Test by passing one of the official TRKI (TORFL) exams which the Russian Centre organizes twice a year, in collaboration with the Center of Modern Languages of the University of Granada.

  • There are plenty of events: conferences, contests, speaking clubs, etc. organized by the Russian Centre where our students can improve their Russian and learn more about Russian culture, history, and traditions.

What courses do we offer?

Mostly, we offer 60-hour courses to be taken during a Term (from October to January, and from February to June). These imply classes for 2 hours per day twice a week, in the morning or in the afternoon.

Students may choose between offline and online learning, however, we need to assemble a minimum number of enrolled students so as to form a group.

  • Elementary (from zero → A1-).
  • Basic (A1- → A2)
  • Intermediate (A2 → B1)
  • Intermediate (B1 → B2)
  • Advanced (B2 → C1)

Besides the above courses, we also offer intensive TORFL preparation courses - usually starting three weeks before the examination date. Intensive courses continue for two weeks, 16 hours with 2-hour classes weekday from Monday to Thursday.  

Finally, we plan to offer classes for bilingual children of 3 and 4-6/7 y/o in Autumn 2020.

Libros que utilizamos en clase

Actualmente estamos trabajando con libros de la editorial "Zlatoust" y "Russki yazyk". Recomendamos comprar libros directamente a las editoriales rusas (con interfaz en ruso) o a su distribuidor directo en España con el que trabaja nuestro Centro. 

NB! Antes de comprar un libro siguiendo las indicaciones de esta página, por favor, consultad a vuestro profesor o profesora. 

Los libros de la editorial Zlatoust incluyen el código QR que lleva a la descarga de los audios. Esta editorial ya no utiliza los CD sino el código QR. ¡Ojo!, los libros de esta editorial pueden venderse con o sin el código QR y, por consiguiente, con o sin el audio. 

Poiejali! 1.1 (9785907123069). Libro de texto. Alibri. Zlatoust

Poiejali! 1.1 (9785907123083). Cuaderno. Alibri. Zlatoust

Poiejali! 1.2 (9785907123076). Libro de texto. Alibri. Zlatoust

Poiejali! 1.2 (9785907123090). Cuaderno. Alibri. Zlatoust

Poiejali! 2.1. Libro de texto. Alibri. Zlatoust

Zhiviom i uchimsia v Rossii (9785907123168). Libro de texto. Alibri. Zlatoust.

Zhiviom i uchimsia v Rossii (9785865476061). Cuaderno. Alibri. Zlatoust.

Basko, N. Obsujdaem globalnye problemy (9785883371669). Alibri Russki Yazyk